Cute Rosy Maple Moth clock

A cute and colorful clock with a rosy maple moth by CallaCoralia. Bamboo frame, plexiglass lens, easy hanging. Order now and enjoy this adorable and original clock.

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Are you looking for a cute and colorful clock to brighten up your room? Look no further than this Cute Rosy Maple Moth clock by CallaCoralia. This clock features a lovely illustration of a rosy maple moth, a type of silk moth with pink and yellow wings. The clock has a bamboo wood frame, Quartz clock mechanism for accurate timekeeping and a clear plexiglass lens. The frame is available in black, white, or with a natural finish and the metal hands are available in black, white, red or blue. It also has a backside hook for easy hanging. Whether you want to add some charm to your bedroom, living room, or office, this clock is the perfect choice for you. Order yours today and enjoy this adorable and original clock.


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